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We’re proud to be a science-driven, lab-to-market incubator committed to nurturing some of the world’s most exciting and futuristic beauty & wellness consumer brands. Our vertical integration and growing portfolio of synergistic brands allow us to deliver experiences that aren’t just good for consumers, but also better in every possible way.

Our story began in the heat of the pandemic back in 2021 when we realised that change needed to happen – both upstream and downstream.

Since that moment, we’ve devoted our energy and competencies on addressing the ever-evolving and foreseeable demands within the industry and offering our diverse expertise worldwide. By bringing R&D in-house and focusing on the fine details, we deliver innovation across our growing portfolio of brands.

We’re a fully-integrated brand incubator and investment group founded and led by a team of CPG veterans, scientists and VCs. When it’s time to change the way the industry works, we’re passionate about leading from the front.


Tricia is a passionate beauty industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in the field. She is responsible for expanding the businesses of the brands under Qurio, and for exploring new markets and opportunities. She is a well-seasoned business strategist and she is remarkable at maintaining brand integrity, communication and positive relationships with distributors. She started off her career with Sanofi Beaute, managing the marketing for Yves Saint Laurent Beaute in Singapore. She then went on to join The Body Shop as a Regional Product Manager before joining PPD as the Regional Brand Manager of Givenchy and Parlux Fragrances where she was responsible for the successful launches of Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Vince Camuto fragrances in Asia.

Tricia Lee


Rani is an exceptionally-skilled marketer with 9 years of experience in both regional and local marketing. She has a vast experience in leading multiple PR and marketing teams in US, UK, France, China, Thailand, and Singapore, allowing her to cover markets in most APAC countries. She has worked in Pierre Fabre (France), handling brands such as Eau thermale Avène and Klorane before moving to Singapore to join beauty start-up Skin Inc as the Global Brand Manager. She later on joined another start-up, Zenyum, as the Head of Marketing. Her expertise in this field allows her to swiftly identify market trends and customer insights in order to create highly-targeted, goal-oriented marketing campaigns to ensure success. Apart from an MBA, Rani also holds an MSc in Marketing and another in Health Management.

Lanyifan Rani


Dr Ozturk is a biochemist & geneticist specialising in drug discovery and development with an experience of over 12 years. He is particularly passionate in the field of cell biology and in bridging the gap between academia and industry. He was previously a Research Fellow in A*STAR where he was involved in multiple cancer research and startup projects related to drug and target discovery. His research has also been published in Nature and Science.

Dr. Mert Burak Ozturk


Samuel Siaw is an accomplished finance leader with over 20 years of commercial experience in a NASDAQ-OTC listed company and a downstream oil & gas group listed in the ASX. He also did venture consulting for a private equity investment fund, where he managed the investment portfolio of the fund and acted as CFO for investee companies whilst providing pre and post-IPO advisory for listings in Hong Kong Exchange and Singapore Exchanges. Samuel is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington with a BCA (Honours) in Accountancy & Finance and started his career in KPMG Singapore and US, and subsequently held senior roles in RSM and Moore Stephens.

Samuel Siaw


Ajish brings to the team two decades of experience managing businesses and leading people across travel and logistics industries in the Asia-Pacific region. He has held regional leadership positions at Jetstar Airways and country leadership positions at the full-service and low-cost units of Singapore Airlines. He is also an Associate Faculty at Singapore Institute of Technology and at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where he leads undergraduate learning tracks in Marketing, Strategic Management and Operations Management. Ajish has postgraduate qualifications in Management from Singapore Management University, and in Marketing from Nanyang Technological University.

Ajish Morris


Eugene He is an award-winning global brand builder and a passionate phytochemistry researcher. With over 16 years of experience in the consumer wellness industry, he has founded three successful brands, formulated over fifty products and was the first Singaporean to win the Beauty & Money Europe award. An industry key opinion leader, Eugene’s works and contributions have appeared in Forbes, Allure, Elle, Vogue, WWD, ABC and many more. Eugene has a ND in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine from Torrens University and is completing his MBA at Anglia Ruskin University

Eugene He



We value ourselves in total transparency. We’re also users and advocates for the products we nurture so we expect the best, replicable efficacy for every formula and ingredient.

Our vertical integration allows us to closely manage inventory levels within each brand and ensure minimal excess, causing wastage to be as minimal as possible. We are committed to developing and creating products that are socially, economically, and ecologically responsible.

We ensure that all products developed and curated for each brand is backed by science and is scientifically-proven. Cutting-edge research is a community effort and we are supported by a network of global scientists.

The brands we nurture are built on science, sustainability and transparency.

Nothing less will do.


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