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Our brands are anchored on pillars of technology, inclusivity and transparency. We grow our brands alongside our people and thrive by adapting our technical competencies to different cultures and environment.

We believe in building brands that last so we can continue to invest for the next generation. With our extensive network and in-house capabilities, we are able to yield the best results for our capital and result in a sustainable and responsible blueprint for further brand building.

2020 was a redefining year for every industry – and that includes beauty & wellness. With a shift in consumer perspectives and values, there is a demand for ground-breaking solutions within the beauty and wellness industry.

With the right mix of insight and foresight into the beauty & wellness landscape, we are the prime destination for your acceleration & scaling needs within the industry.

A premium science-led longevity startup that provides researched solutions to improve skin health and healthspan. The brand focuses on regulating metabolic pathways, a scientifically proven way to unlock opportunities for everlasting youth.

A clean science beauty brand that develops breakthrough beauty products that are curated by a panel of scientists to deliver solutions to skin challenges.

An integrated formulation and biotechnology research laboratory with partnerships around the globe. QUVO Lab is led by a team of accomplished researchers and scientists with an extensive track record of developing commercially-viable and highly-innovative products for beauty and nutraceutical industries.

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